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Hey, I’m Rokibul Roni🤟🏼

I´m a CyberSecurity Specialist.

I will help you comply with the Cyber Security Expert.


About Me

I am a CyberSecurity Specialist. I will help you comply with the Cyber Security Expert. I aim to "Protect Your Business" and "Protect You and Your Family" from Cyber Attacks. I have practical experience with various Cyber Crime Cases like Cryptocurrency Scams, Blackmailing, Device Forensics, Fraud & Scams, and IoT Hacking. My service will investigate your Devices, Scan your Network, and examine your IT system to identify potential threats. And offer a timely response to defend it from any upcoming dangers. I have successfully solved many more Cyber Crime, Security, and Digital Forensics Cases to support business objectives and growth. I assisted as a "Linux Administrator" for MakeMyPrivacy, including Threat & Vulnerability Management, System Monitoring, and Virtual IT Support. Also, I have experience as a "Research And Development Engineer" on CEHExam Network, with knowledge of Data Analysis, Auditing, SaaS, Team Leadership, Teamwork, Operations Research, and Data Security.

My Work

I am a freelancer, I worked for various CyberSecurity companies in the USA dedicated to the defense of CyberWar. Currently, I work for corporate and business-level cyber security.

const aboutMe = {
name:'Rokibul Roni',
title:'Cybersecurity Specialist',
skills: [
'OSINT', 'Footprint', 'Penetration Testing', 'Digital Forensic', 'Malware Analysis', 'Firewalls', 'Network Security'
tools: [
'Metasploit', 'Wireshark', 'NMAP', 'NIKto', 'Maltego', 'Nessus', 'SNORT', 'OllyDBG', 'SpiderFoot', 'Acunetix', 'Intruder', 'John the Ripper', 'Autopsy', 'Burp Suite', 'Netstumbler, Wazuh'
case investigation: [
'Cryptocurrency Case', 'Blackmailing Case', 'Device Forensics Case', 'IoT Hacking Case', 'Fraud & Scam Case'
contact: {
Country:'Bangladesh 🇧🇩'

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Console Connect - A Secure Chat Server on Powershell Plain text chat using powershell over any network, or local network.

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Remove any image extension meta data using the pyhton script. The script will remove all metadata, including EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and ICC profiles, from the specified image file.

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